Think I broke something

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Hi all,
Best holiday wishes to everyone. Great site.
Brand new member. Need info badly. This afternoon while changing tire, truck slid off of jack and landed on rim. Painful to watch. Jack became wedged and used another jack to rescue. Everything underneath looks fine but now have four distinct dash warning lights / messages. ABS light, ESP indicator light (sliding car), low tire pressure light and in the center of dash the SER 4WD / ESP BAS warning is given. What have I done to my truck?
Would greatly appreciate any information.
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The sensors are easy to replace, the bad part is that i think they come in sets of 4
Just let the air out of tire & remove it similar to a valve stem

I would take it to a tire shop & get their opinion, an auto wrecking yard may be the place to get a sensor ??
any gen 4 ram will do, maybe even older, just has to be the correct radio frequency
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