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im looking at trading my 2006 in on a 2011 sport :smileup:
they are giving 10k off their truck and willing to give me 17k for mine. i think im gonna go pick it up on monday, only bad part is the dealer is 8 hours from me but its the only one i can find thats equipped the way i want.
what you all think does this sound like a good deal?
also this one has the towing mirrors and i would like to get the normal sport mirrors put back on, anyone know what they cost?
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I mentioned due to my having it on my 2003 1500 Hemi. When I purchased my 2011 I thought I would not miss having it but of course I did.

I have read posts where some were surprised when they found out their trucks did not have it.

If you are used to the truck not having it and are not driving in the situations that require the extra traction you should be fine.

Good luck with your decision.
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