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im looking at trading my 2006 in on a 2011 sport :smileup:
they are giving 10k off their truck and willing to give me 17k for mine. i think im gonna go pick it up on monday, only bad part is the dealer is 8 hours from me but its the only one i can find thats equipped the way i want.
what you all think does this sound like a good deal?
also this one has the towing mirrors and i would like to get the normal sport mirrors put back on, anyone know what they cost?
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Ya, I agree, they should come down more. I got 10k off my crew cab sport back in April of '11. They need to move it. Flipside is, the 11's are getting hard to find. Don't know if I would have drove 800 miles for it tho! Mine was just 2 miles down the road.
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