Those of you with the 2/4 drop.

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I'm thinking about buying the Belltech 2/4 drop kit and I have a couple questions for people who have it. How is the ride, Does it bottom out easy? Can you still use your truck as a truck, haul stuff and what not? Does it hold alignment? Thanks!:smiley_thumbs_up:
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I have it.
Pretty happy with it overall, i had alot of the same questions as you before purchasing it but have been quite happy with it. (I have the Street Performance Shocks installed with my kit)

1. Ride quality - much more responsive and sporty, you will barely notice a difference under decent road conditions. If you hit a section with a lot of potholes it will be a bit rougher than stock (its stiffer). Just slow down a bit when going over train tracks etc

2. Bottoming out - I havent bottomed out yet, - drove with it lowered from June until November.
Make sure you cut off the front bump stop cups when you install the kit and you shouldnt have any problems under normal driving conditions.

3. Loading it up - This was my biggest concern - so I installed helper Bags in the rear when i installed the kit. Having said that i'v only used the helper bags three times this past summer. Unless you're hauling something with significant weight it wont be an issue, but for the $120 for the helper bags they're worth it when you want to move that pile of bricks/lumber.

4. Alignment - Took the alignment shop a little longer than normal but wasnt an issue.

Summary - Get it - its worth it, looks great - waaay better than stock
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I had lots of the same questions. Thanks for the reply Jimbob!
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