Thoughts on new torque Converter

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So I got my new torque converter installed in my 2011 sport. The truck has 2800 km on it. If any of you are on the fence about getting it done because you don't want your truck taken apart here are my thoughts. I stood and watched the tech the whole time my truck was in the shop--I am VERY fussy about my stuff. It was a very painless experience. About four hours. The only part that did not go smoothly was re-installing the trans because there is a bracket on the drivers side that goes to the diff and the motor mount that is really in the way when re installing the trans. I little wiggling and a little prying with a large pry bar and in it went. Other than that it is just nuts and bolts and very simple.

The new converter is wicked quite and causes way less vibration. My truck has not been that smooth and quite since I got it.

So in short

Yes the juice is worth the squeeze
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could be just in my head but I think it has a little more snap of the line but for sure no less. I was going to buy the r/t torque and have the original one replace with that but I was worried about a loss of fuel mileage because I mostly drive in town short trips. After mine was replaced I went for a ride in a friends R/T and then I wished I would have got that torque conv. but oh well it is done now.
Stand there and watch them. They know that you mean business and that you care about your vehicle and the quality of work that is done on it. After my torque converter replacement I would be very comfortable letting the tech that worked on it work on it again, but I would still stand and watch. There are more hacks that are trying to do the work as quick as possible than good techs. Once you find a good tech make friends with helps. I feel bad for all of you guys that struggle with the workmanship at the various dealers, that has to be very frustrating. A torque converter being replaced is not that hard and is not something that you should loose sleep over.
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