Thoughts on new torque Converter

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So I got my new torque converter installed in my 2011 sport. The truck has 2800 km on it. If any of you are on the fence about getting it done because you don't want your truck taken apart here are my thoughts. I stood and watched the tech the whole time my truck was in the shop--I am VERY fussy about my stuff. It was a very painless experience. About four hours. The only part that did not go smoothly was re-installing the trans because there is a bracket on the drivers side that goes to the diff and the motor mount that is really in the way when re installing the trans. I little wiggling and a little prying with a large pry bar and in it went. Other than that it is just nuts and bolts and very simple.

The new converter is wicked quite and causes way less vibration. My truck has not been that smooth and quite since I got it.

So in short

Yes the juice is worth the squeeze
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Absolutely agree. I just got mine replaced this week. Noticed the difference as soon as I left the dealership. 100% smoother and quieter at all speeds and rpm's.
Not that I've noticed. The 1400-2000 rpm "growl" was the only problem I had. Only has 3200 miles and it did it from day one.
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