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Hi gang,

I just got my new Volant CAI on Friday. I installed it today (pics will be in another thread), but since my T-body needed to be cleaned, I did that while I had the breather assembly off.

I didn't snap a picture of every single little step, but the description should suffice enough to get you along your way should you decide to do this yourself

Pic 1 - The stock air intake was removed. This took all of about 10 minutes to do. It consisted of loosening/removing the two worm clamps on either end of the breather tube, releasing the two sensor clips - one on the T-body itself (I think this is the throttle position sensor) and the air flow sensor on the air tube just before the T-body, removing the engine cover (just popped off) and removing the stock air box.

The air flow sensor itself was a bit tricky to get out of the breather tube. It was a bit cold today, so the plastic/rubber breather tube was a little on the stiff side. I gave a quick squirt of WD-40 and borrowed my wife's blow dryer to warm the tube up. After a couple minutes of heating it up, the sensor released quite easily.

Pic 2 - This shows the intake manifold after the T-body was removed. There were four aluminum 8mm bolts holding the T-body on. These released very easily.

Pic 3 - This shows the T-body after it was removed. The top side of it was quite clean, but the underside was quite tarnished. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the underside before I cleaned it.

Pic 4 - This shows the throttle body cleaner I bought from my local Chrylser dealership. It cost about $8.

Pic 5 - This shows the 4 T-body bolts. Notice the coarse threading on them. They are only screwed into plastic so when you go to tighten them, they don't need to be cranked on super tight - just snug, that's it.

Pic 6 - This shows the underside of the T-body after it was cleaned. Cleaning it took about 10 minutes. Most of the tarnishing came off with the blast of the cleaner. For the stuff that didn't I just used paper towels to wipe it off. I took my time and made sure all the tarnishing was gone. I also sprayed some of the cleaner onto the paper towels and wiped the inside of the intake manifold as far as I could reach. I kept wiping until the paper towels weren't showing any more black.

I didn't take any pictures of the T-body re-installation. All it would've been was placing the T-body back on the manifold and tightening up the bolts.

Since I was next installing the CAI, none of the original parts were going back on. Those how-to pics are in another thread here in the knowledge base.



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