Throttle Body Position at 86.7% at WOT

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I have an android app for my phone called torque. It's a program that monitors your vehicles real time information and can be used as a diagnostic tool thru the OBD port via bluetooth.

The program is saying that when my Hemi is at idle the throttle body position is at 12% and at WOT it's at 86.7%. I would assume 100% at WOT. Do you think think the throttle body is at 86% as claimed by the diagnostic tool? I'm curious if there is a way to relearn the throttle body position? Vehicle is 100% stock.

The other curious thing I see is the air intake temperature is usually +4 to +7degrees Fehrenheit warmer than what the outside temperature reads on my EVIC. I wonder if a cold air intake would bring the temperature delta closer to zero?
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FYI with fly by wire the TB does not open all the way. I don't know if there's a way to change this...

As for the intake, just like ^ he said, the temps your are at are really pretty good. My IAT sometimes gets up to as much as like 30 deg higher than outside temp when sitting still for awhile.
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