Throttle Body Position at 86.7% at WOT

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I have an android app for my phone called torque. It's a program that monitors your vehicles real time information and can be used as a diagnostic tool thru the OBD port via bluetooth.

The program is saying that when my Hemi is at idle the throttle body position is at 12% and at WOT it's at 86.7%. I would assume 100% at WOT. Do you think think the throttle body is at 86% as claimed by the diagnostic tool? I'm curious if there is a way to relearn the throttle body position? Vehicle is 100% stock.

The other curious thing I see is the air intake temperature is usually +4 to +7degrees Fehrenheit warmer than what the outside temperature reads on my EVIC. I wonder if a cold air intake would bring the temperature delta closer to zero?
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If you're only 4-7 degrees higher then you're well within acceptable range. Unless you get a true cold air intake that takes air from completely outside of the engine bay you may potentially see higher IATs using most commercial CAIs.

as for the TB blade position, have you pulled the battery cable and let the computer reset? You may need to reset the adaptive learning and then see how it functions, also I'd recommend getting a proper diagnostic tool rather than a phone app that's not properly calibrated to your vehicle.
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