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Hi Rammerz,

My '03 Ram 3500 is having some problems.
I got a Bully Dog tuner, but it wreaked havoc with my truck (had to replace alternator, ECM, dash dials & APPS).
(It also managed to rip the cable off the clutch fan the other day, and mangle it through the blades..!)

A dealer located a replacement ECM from another 6-speed '03 truck and installed it.

However, ever since, I've lost the outside temp and compass in the roof display, and have throttle error codes I can't get rid of.
I thought it was a faulty throttle sensor (as suggested by the dealer) so I ordered and replaced it, but it made no difference.

I keep getting the following codes:
0480 Fan Control Circuit (probably because the fan clutch is disconnected right now)
0483 Fan Rationality (it was giving this code even before it ripped the cable off the clutch fan)
2127 Throttle Sensor Switch E Low Input
2123 Throttle Sensor Switch D High Input

If I plug in my Canadian Tire OBDII scanner, it only sees the throttle error codes.
If I ask it to clear them, it does, but immediately finds them again, even before I've managed to go through a key cycle!

If I plug in the Bully Dog and use its diagnosis, it can see all the above codes and clears them, but upon key cycling and starting the engine, the check light is still on and, if I plug back in either scanner, the error codes are still there.

I've tried the APPS reset of disconnecting the batteries for half an hour with the key in RUN position, then reconnecting and slowly pressing and releasing the throttle, then key OFF, back ON and starting up.

No difference.

My throttle pedal is totally dead for 30-odd seconds, then works normally.
Occasionally, the pedal remains dead and won't operate atall.

I've read online that the clutch fan sensor is somehow linked to the throttle sensor, so maybe my clutch fan being disconnected (while I wait for a new replacement) is causing the throttle sensor circuit to misbehave..?

Someone else reckons such symptoms are due to the wiring harness failing, and a custom APPS cable directly connecting only the APPS to the ECM is required to remedy it.

It just feels to me that ever since the Bully Dog got in the mix, there's been constant electrical failures, and I can't see how to stop them!
If I can get the throttle back to normal, I'll be a happy man, and have no desire to try to tune this ECM with the Bully Dog.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'd be very grateful for any avenues of enquiry.
Thank you for your time.
Regards - D
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