Thrust Angle Off

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So I recently brought my 09 in for an alignment after noticing that my new tires were not wearing to my expectations. I have an 09 1500 Crew Cab with 60k miles. About the only thing that I have done is installed the Bilstein 5100 on the factory setting in the front and at the same time threw on a set of Bilstein's in the back.

The mechanic that performed my alignment was able to get the front aligned but made mentioned that the Thrust Angle was off and he isn't real sure why.

So... I ask of all of you who are much more mechanically inclined then myself, if you have any ideas or suggestions on why the Thrust Angle would be off and any tips or suggestions on what a guy has to do on an 09 to get it back into tolerance.

Any help or feedback would greatly be appreciated!
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Follow the truck up the street and see if the axle is actually centered under the truck.
Could be your track bar pushing the diff to one side if the height of the truck has changed from stock,either lower by sagged springs,or higher from the shock setting
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