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So a while ago I posted about a ticking on start up. I had a broken passenger side exhaust bolt so I replaced that. Was still getting random ticking on start up.

It would randomly happen, could have been sitting overnight, could have just turned it off to fill the tank, no pattern at all.

Finally figured it out. Turns out that these rams have two cooling fans that are in line with each other. There's a mechanical fan that's attached to the engine (the one you'll see when you glance into the engine bay) and an electric one that is attached to the back of the radiator. There was some random road crap stuck in front of the electric fan. I guess sometimes on start up the electric fan would come on and other times not and depending on how the crap was left sitting when the engine was shut off it would hit the electric fan or not.

I just loosed the fan cowling and electric fan (didn't take them all the way out) and washed both sides of the radiator down with a hose to remove everything.

It's super simple and stupid but I thought I'd share because it's been driving me crazy for months. Hope this helps someone!
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