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I am Looking to Trade for a cummins or Sell for $22,900

I am looking at Finding Somoene who has a diesil that might not want a diesil anymore , or should i say trying to find someone who would like to trade their Diesel truck for my Hemi
I have the need now to pull more weight and the 1500 is not the truck to do it, I need a work truck. Long bed preferably

My truck is a 201 4x4 big horn 5.7 Hemi , it has a hemifever tune but the motor is stock, I have the Kore Off road Ram Runner bodywork on the truck with their RamRunner Bumper with Radflow 2.5 resi mount front struts.
I changed the rears out for for KYB Gas struts and had Raybestos Calipers all round with the slotted Performance rotors up front and regular non slotted on the rear. This was done at 114,000 in January before i moved from Idaho to California
I have just over 126,000 on the truck now.
It has Katzkin Leather Interior which i put in around 55,000 miles I also installed the Mopar Heated seats while i did it.
I have a DVD entertainment system in the rear with headphones (works well for the kids)
The back up camera works through the Rear view mirror
Lightbar on the front.
Method Racing 17" wheels with Red Letter General Grabber tires
I have Progressive springs in the rear and then installed Total Load control TLC Airbags because i have a lightweight 23" RV that i would pull, The airbags work like a dream.
I have Installed a Brake controller
X-line bedliner so the bed looks like new.
I Had the Plugs done and transmission serviced at 115,000
Ive kept up with the Oil changes and looked after this truck.

I Have just put a new left hand CV axle as the boot was ripped and it was cheaper and easier to replace the axle.that was about 2000miles ago
The Truck has a Full Wrap which can be taken off, I had the fenders painted to match the truck paint which was a metallic black

I thought i would keep this truck as it is perfect and my kids love it, as much as i do but i have a work opportunity which a diesel would be better suited.
If anyone is interested in a trade for a diesel please let me know.
You can reach me at 208 571 0173 for a quicker response
I am now located in Southern California Lancaster/Palmdale area


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