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Last Thursday afternoon I had taken my daughter to the doctor. Upon leaving my truck wouldn't start. All systems would energize with the key in the on position, but it wouldn't start when the key was turned or "tipped" to the start position.

I farted around with it for a few minutes and eventually it started as normal, but within a minute or so of running the check engine light came on. I immediately drove it over to the dealership. I told them what the problem was and left the truck there. I called the next day (Friday) and they told me they had to replace the TIPM module (I think that's what they called it), except they couldn't get the part until Monday. They got me into a rental truck (2012 quad cab), so it wasn't a big deal.

Monday morning came around and they called me about 9:00am saying the truck was fixed and ready to go. Since I was working local, I pretty much went straight over. They handed me the keys and I walked out to the truck. The first thing I did was hit the remote start - nothing except for a single horn chirp. Tried again - same again. I walked back into the dealership and told them the problem.

The service advisor suggested I maxed out the remote start feature and told me to just insert the key fob in the ignition and start the truck that way to clear the system. I did that, but again the tip start wouldn't work, although this time the engine/starter would bump as I tipped the fob to the start position. The truck would start if I held the fob to the start position long enough. After that, I tried the remote start feature again - it still didn't work. Brought the key/fob back in....

The dealership called me at 5:00pm today (Tuesday) and told me the truck wasn't ready yet.

I know the key/fob is not unique to the ram trucks, but has anyone else had this sort of problem?

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I got my truck back at 6:00pm today. Everything appears to be working correctly. The fob seems like it's quite a bit more responsive than it was before. Sometimes I would stand right beside the truck and hit the unlock button 5 or 6 times before the door(s) would unlock.

Bikenut - about a year ago I brought the fobs into the dealership complaining they weren't working that well. I don't recall what they did, but it helped - for a while anyways. I don't think though the fobs were the issue. It was that TIPM module I mentioned above. The dealership this time around said they tested the fobs and said they were transmitting just fine.

What I don't understand is why it took 6 days to get it fixed. It kind of makes me think it's a rare occurrence and the dealership techs hadn't seen the issue before. I'm guessing they had to get support from Chrysler directly to help diagnose and rectify the issue.

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