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Where to begin, lol. My AC has been blowing warm when vehicles not moving.
I bought a relay (for the AC Condensor Fan) from Autozone but I am finding that there is this TIPM and no relays?? Dont know why Autozone had it as a part but anyway........My question is I wonder if it is just something that can be reset or maybe the fan motor went bad. My reason for these conclusions are as follows. I was just Googling and found this (
Which had this most recent post in it...
05-02-2012, 09:09 AM

I know this thread is a little old, but thought I'd share any way. My TIPM went out on my 2010 while it was sitting shut off, key out of ignition, in my garage! Just came out the next morning and it was DEAD. Got a tow to dealer, replaced TIPM and now everything seems to be working again. This was really crazy, no warning or problems while driving the night before.

That same exact thing happened to me but I had only parked my vehicle for 10 minutes. I had my vehicle towed to my Sisters garage that she managed. They were dumbfounded. They found some TSB's from Florida where some police vehicles were doing this and what happened was a result of a static charge (because of the electrical wires conducting other info for the buss), which resulted in the TIPM not seeing the chip in my key. They reset the codes and such and my truck started right up!!!! I DID NOT BUY A NEW $800 TIPM!!! The dealers seem to be scamming people from what I have read in that post!!

SOOO my sister does not work at the shop anymore so I am trying to gather some good info so I can head the right way with this issue!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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