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So im looking to try and get at least 400 hp out of my 01 2500, but im kind of clueless as where to start. Im going to kegger mod it to get better low end torque, are there any other mods that i should do? what about parts? should i go turbo? also this truck is going to be used for off road purposes too. any help is appreciated -eryk
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Well 400hp First rob a bank you are looking at some serious green! Start with some good headers, exhaust, larger TB, Cam, Roller rockers, Port polish the heads, Cai, SCT Tuner, Hughes airgap intake, or mopar performance m1, I am sure someone else will give opinions. Or check out Hughes Engine web site, They have a kit for the topend comes with , Heads, Intake, Timing chain and gears, Roller rockers, cam shaft, That is $2900.00 and you still have to buy the TB another $250. I have about $800 invested in mine just for headers, exhaust, and CAI. I dont know what else to tell you, hopefully someone else will help. Good Luck.
I will try to give some help here. As for headers I have Gibson Ceramic Shorties on mine $420 shipped from amazon aposed to $600 from other. I hear long tubes are good for topend power I also hear they are a PITA to install. Most run the shorties they work the best on our trucks. JBA headers are also VERY good but pricey. Exhaust (your choice) but if your looking to get to 400hp go atleast 2 1/2 inch pipe the minimun to 3inch the max. I run a magnaflow y-pipe 1 7/8 (i think) into a highflow cat 2 1/2 out to a 2 1/2 inch magnaflow highflow 2 1/2 out. Sound is nice not to loud but you know you are coming. Performance you can tell the engine breathes better and does have better get up and go. CAI well here is something you could get 5000 dif responses on this, They all do the same thing. For the $300 price tag of the K&N not worth it. Plastic or aluminum my opinion the air is not going to stay in there long enough to get that hot. People have fabed them out of pvc pipe and get the same effect just buy the filter. I have a Spectre CAI I got off of ebay NEW for $77 works for me. Also people run an open eliment round filter (NOT GOOD FOR OFF ROAD, MUD, WATER) TB check out Fastman TB depending on your style of TB you can get a 52mm for about $250 (they are all Holley) Spark Plugs here is another question you can get alot of comments on, I myself have looked at the e3 at $6 a piece dont know if better or not alot of people run the Autolite 3923. Good Cap and rotor 8.2 or 8.5 plug wires which ones are better? I guess it all depends on your set up, MSD, TAYLOR, Hughes engine has a tune up kit for our trucks, cap rotor, wires, plugs, about $120 I think. Well this should keep you busy for awhile, I have been at this for over a year now and still have not figured it out yet. If you want send me a PM.
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