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So I'm wanting to add a more aggressive look to my truck. I currently have a 2.5" level kit on the front and I'm running BFG AT KO's on the stock sport wheels. I'm looking at getting the Toyo MT 35x12.5x20's on Fuel Offroad Octane wheels with a +1mm OS. Do you think they'll fit?

With the current setup...

OEM wheels - 20x9 +18mm OS
BFG tires - 34.7" tall by 11.5" wide

New setup...

Octane wheels - 20x9 +1mm OS
Toyo tires - 35" tall by 13" wide

I think height wise I'm totally fine, I'm worried about the width. I don't want to rub and would really like to not have to run spacers. I know I'm going to stick out about an inch further than I currently am and that's fine as I'd probably get some flares. I just don't want to stick out much further, so I'd rather not like to go into a negative offset.
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