Tire Pressure question

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Hi all,

Just wondering what everyone has their PSI set to? I assumed (terrible I know, I'm learning my lesson) that the dealer would have set all of the tires correctly when before I bought it.

When I checked tonight, one tire was at 41 and the others were at 39. The sticker on the inside of the door says 35.

Keeping in mind that it is winter here in Canada and about -8 Celcius at the moment, what PSI should I be setting these too?
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35 psi cold before the truck is moved in the morning. I assume from the sticker you have the factory 20's as the 17's are 40 psi.

PS The factory tires are Nitrogen Filled. Thats the reason for the odd color valve covers.
Mine was set at 37 so I adjusted to 35 psi which is what is on the label on door. Truck rides a little softer at 35 also, I have the 20" rims.
You are gonna loose a few psi when it gets cold. I always go a little higher in the fall.
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Mine has the 20s and on the test drive I thought it was abit harsh on small bumps. The salesman said that the new suspention will soften up lol. I got it back home and 47psi in all four. That was hot. I lowered them to 38 and the next morning checked them cold and there at 36. Rides so much better now.
Since I normally run with the truck at or near max payload (trailer tow), I run 40 in the rears, 35 in the fronts. I used the chalk test to verify even tire wear, and check the tires regularly with a tread depth gauge. So good. :smileup:
35 PSI is the correct pressure to run in the 20's. I usually put 38-40 in them during the winter months so I dont get the TPM alarm...It aggravates me when I get the low tire message.....35 PSI gives the most comfortable ride and seems to glide over bumps....anything at 40 or above seem to give a much harsher ride....
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