Tire Pressure sensor location?

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Yes, I know where they are located, but I'm wondering how the truck knows which tire is where. I'm due for my first rotation soon and i perform all work myself. Is there any process to make the truck learn the after tire rotation locations? (i.e I move the right rear tire to right front how does the truck know that tire has moved?)
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Near each wheel is an initiator, that sends a frequency which makes the sensor transmit to the receiver in the truck. The module triggers each initiator in a certain order (LR, then RF, then LR, then RR... for example, I'm not sure the exact order on a RAM). It then receives the information from whichever sensor was triggered and transmitted at that specific time for said position. (It triggers LF initiator, waits and receives ID and values from sensor xxxy. It will then trigger RF initiator, receives ID and values from sensor xxyy. Then triggers LR initiator, receives ID and values from sensor xyyy. And finally triggers RR initiator, receives ID and values from sensor yyyy). It'll do this over and over, and after enough cycles like this, where it receives good values consistently, that's how it learns which sensor is where.
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