Tire Sensor Question

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I'm guessing, that our truck's tire pressure monitors are in their respective spots according to the EVIC. So, it the EVIC says that my left front tire is low...I know exactly which tire to look at. What happens when I rotate the tires? It would seem crazy to have to take it to the dealer to reprogram the sensors.

Any ideas?
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The computer automatically adjusts, it takes some time or mileage, i forget which

By the way, the dealership does not usually check your spare tires air pressure, unless you ask them to

My spare was down to under 20 Lbs. glad that i caught it before having a flat
Yea, unlike some cars where you have to train the sensors with a magnet or tool these will 'auto train' after some miles.

I have rotated tires on my old '10 several times and when they got low after a while the EVIC display was always correct.
That's good to know. Thanks.
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