Tires fitting wheel width, where are the specs on tire

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I'm on search overload. I've read many places that specific tires have a spec that they can fit specific wheel widths. Where can i find that spec? what does it look like?

I have 16x8" rims, and I'd like to put 315/75 16r on them. More specifically:

Falken Wild Peak A/T
Falken Rocky Mountain ATS
General Grabber AT2 Studdable (are these good for hot weather also?)

Follow up question--- If I can't fit these, wher can I find some 16x10 wheels that aren't a fortune? I'm spending a bunch on a lot of work right now, and trying to lower some costs.
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If you are looking for it on your tire I don't think it's on there. You can find that info on the tire manufacturer's website.

According to their sites the Wildpeak is safe for 8-11" wheels. Strangely enough I couldn't find anything about the Rocky Mtn on their site but I would think it would be the same. The Grabber is listed as safe for 8-10" wheels. I wouldn't have thought you could put a 315 on an 8" rim but I guess the big sidewall lets it pull in enough to fit. It's gonna have the stuffed, marshmellow look.....nothing wrong with that, just that some folks like it and some don't.

Thank you :smileup:
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