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Hey yall. I just recently took over payments of my dads truck, so now im the proud owner of an 08 dodge ram 1500. Its the sport model, with the 20" rims on it.It's completly stock minus a front bumper(hate it) and a hood scoop. I have a lot of questions so I'll start with the lift;
*btw tell me if you know different please!*

First off. I want to level out my truck. It's only 2wd, so I first thought about putting a cheap level kit on it. But then I started reading up and I changed my mind to a spindle lift. Well with that lift comes a lot of questions...
1. I measured out the wheel gap(front and rear) and its approx. 2" or so. So I was thinking I'd go with a 2.5" spindle lift. This would bring it level, or front lifted a few.
2. When i read up on the 2.5" lift i read that i'd need to switch the brake lines from rf to lf and vice versa. is this true?
3. if i do the 2.5" lift will i need blocks for the rear also?
4. I also read that i may need new shocks? is this true or can i run the stock ones?
5. Finally, do yall know any good cheap spindle lifts?

next...wheels and tires..
like i said it has the stock 20" rims on it. I was thinking about getting some nice 18" rims and some all terrain tires..(BFG all terrain..dont know yet).
If I did 18" rims could i get 33" or 35" on there,and would they fit??
I'm also thinking about putting some wheel spacers on here.

If yall have suggestions, please let me know. i know its a long list but i have a lot on my mind and i wanna get it all out. Thanks so much! Hopefully i can find some answers! thanks again!


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To lift jsut the front I would run the adjustable bilstein 5100s. The ride will be better and they bolt on. If your stuck on a spindle lift, try CST. They make good parts, idk what they make for 3rd gen rams though.

As far as tires I believe a 35 will fit with just a leveling kit, but you will have to ask around to see. I dont know much about tire seizes especially on 3rd gens.

See ya around on the forum and enjoy the truck!!!
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