To everyone with a Procomp 6" lift

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To everyone who has a 6" Procomp lift kit, can you tell me if your truck is setup the same. I was changing my rims and tires since winter is pretty much over (fingers crossed) and noticed that my springs are slanted to the front some. I think it's a bit normal because the truck is higher, but where everything is bolted down to the axle looks like it could be leaning forward some to straigten everything out. Like where the bump stops are (when the truck compresses down the bump stops only touch half the plate. Can anyone tell me if this is the same on their truck. Trying to figure out why it's like that and what could be done to fix it. If the arms would be adjustable i feel like it would be fixed but not the case.

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yeah i dont have it either but something not right. i'd think it should all line up straight.
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