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Hello, I am new to this forum, I bought a 1996 Ram SLT 2500 with the Cummings in '99 with 76k on it. It now has 240k. She sat for three years while I drove a Powerchoke crew cab. When the second tranny went out of the Ford, I dumped it and fired the Dodge back up. I am entertaining upgrading to a newer, fresher truck and am simply amazed at how proud these owners of used trucks are of their vehicles. (as indicated by their asking price) I have stumbled across two '06 Cummings at the local dealership,
-a 3500 regular cab with the 6 speed manual transmission 225k 4X4, the previous owner supposedly had the dually fenders removed, and some of those plastic "fender flairs" ( I don't know what they are called officially) installed (done professionally looks clean). It looks loke a single rear wheel truck with duals. $12,997
-a 2500 Quad cab with the automatic trans 369k 4X4 the previous owner had the front drive shaft removed along with the guts of the front differential to increase fuel economy while hauling campers cross country. (?) $10,977
I am completely confident that the motor is good for 500k, but I worry about all those miles on the rest of the drive train. Any thoughts? Are there specific problems I should look for? Are these prices a fair place to start negotiating?
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