Tow hooks, D-Ring shackles. What do I need?

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I'm looking to add tow hook to my 1994 Dodge RAM 1500. I've done all sorts of searching for bolt on d-rings and have found virtually nothing.

I thing I'm looking for rings that have a plate that mounts to the frame (obviously) and then just has a shackle that hangs off of it. That way the shackle/D-ring can be removed when not necessary (always fun to have on there, I know BUT, I want a shackle, not a permanent mount "hook" or Loop/ring)

A couple years back I found exactly what I was looking for but passed up for some odd reason and now I can't find them. I don't imagine they are THAT difficult to get but I sure can't find them!

Second option is to add a full-blown hitch to the front but I don't *really* want to shell out that kind of money when all I really want are several recovery options for being stuck in a multitude of precarious positions!

Also, I do not weld (don't know how) and, for all intents and purposes, I'm not much of an automotive guy. Not even shade-tree mechanic stature, but I've installed "bolt-on" hitches in the past with much success so I don't thing D-rings would be all that different. Maybe a bit easier even? Thanks for the input!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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