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Finished the install of the mirror signal running light mod. Few kits are available on the market. The one I chose was from boostauto parts. Came with a nice sticker and beer cozy (little things that count). Arrived very quick. I will say this is the most expensive pre made mod kit available however the quality is absolutely second to none compared to the 2-3 others I've seen available.
I'm sure you can absolutely make this kit yourself with some resistors etc but this kit is absolutely solid.
First thing that got me was the quality of the inline fuses and the quick waterproof disconnects. No other kits i found have the quick disconnects. The resistors are very nicely wrapped and secured in heat shrink and protected

Second and most important thing. They did not include instructions but the YouTube video was crystal clear. In my opinion and my opinion only the other company I saw who had a video of the installation method half assessed the most critical step of this mod. These gents took the time to walk through the removal of the wiring harness boot, and where to pass the wires through in the corners of the large connectors.

Of course like a dumb ass I did not snap any pics of the install which I am notorious for. My OCD takes over and I'm more focused on not screwing up. Plus I installed along side of installing some sound off intersector emergency lights since I had to have the mirrors and door panels off anyway.
The only thing I did different in my install was make my connections for the running lights on the driver's side. I have a light and siren controller which already has the parking light wire tapped for day/night controller keypad dimming so I just piggybacked off that.

These look great. I been pondering swapping to power fold standard mirrors for a few weeks primarily for the emergency light install but I was able to disconnect the puddle light and drill right through it since that piece is easily replaceable and that one tiny LED doesn't really make a difference for me anyway. That's a different story though.

I am sure these can be used for the standard mirrors too but keep in mind since those have signals throughout the bottom you'll have the Amber running lights in your line of sight and to the rear. Not that it's a big deal though.

Finished product to be posted momentarily.


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