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OK, let's keep it simple, I purchased a used 2009 ram 1500. It had only one TPMS on the right front wheel.

No real problems so far, except winter and temperature vs tire pressure.
Lately the darned light is on!

I realize newer Rams have individual results for each tire, apparently the 2009, 1500 had a system that monitored all and gave confusion to the owner as to what tire was low.

Well the sensor must be on the way out as appropriate tire pressure will not change the indication of low tire pressure. Driving some 15 or so miles used to have the indicator extinguish, not anymore.

I've read that the 56029481AB is the sensor that will work with this year.
I need new tires this fall, so I plan on acquiring a replacement via EBAY before then and only replacing the one that is in place with the new tires.

The questions are:
1. is # 56029481AB the proper one for my 2009, Ram 1500?
2. any special way to set it for my vehicle?
3. any harm or degradation of performance while I wait to get tires?

4. does the sensor only detect LOW tire pressure?
5. do I really need four? (one seemed enough to keep the light out.)

6. what happens if there is one on the spare?

Please keep it simple folks, I never had a vehicle with these sort of fancy do-dads! My other Ram is a 1996.

Thanks in advance,
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