TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor Light 2010

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I searched and got multiple TPMS threads, but not the answer I'm looking for. I swapped my 17" factory steel rims off my 2010 Ram for a set of 17" aluminum rims off a 2008. Discount Tire swapped the tires.

The day after I did the swap, the TPMS dash light came on and stayed on when I started the truck. I had driven approximately 70 miles before it came on.

The tire pressure is 34-35 PSIG measured with a high dollar calibrated Moroso tire pressure gauge.

I took the truck back to Discount Tire and they had a hand-held monitor that was able to read the four tires and the spare at 34-35 PSIG.

Reading the other threads, it sound like the system should have reset itself. At this point, I would just like the light off the dash.

Any suggestions?
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hmmm, you correct with the tire pressure at 40psi
It could be a faulty sensor in one of the wheels, I would have dealer look, if your unable to figure out, sorry bud !!!
i also noticed my pressure in tires is different all the time, Ive been told the air temperature outside can cause a change in tire pressure
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