Traction Control, What a pain!!

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Hey everyone, does anyone know how to get some good burnouts on '14 Ram 1500 with a 5.7 ? It doesn't matter whether the traction control button is on or off, the damn thing just won't do a half decent burnout!! Hey, this truck is supposed to produce 395 hp / 410 torque... I wanna be able to smoke the tires if wanna. Right?

Does anyone have a way to truly disable TC?

thanks for your input
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I would recommend a tuner that offers the option of disabling traction control. That is the unfortunate thing with electronics. It takes special electronics to disable original equipped programs on today's modern vehicles.
Paulingo, this subject has been beat down too many times that I can remember on this forum. Too many here have said, "With this much horsepower/torque, how come I can't break my tires loose?" Simple fact is: Reliability. The power IS there. It's just electronically controlled. Hence, "Traction Control".
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