Traction Control, What a pain!!

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Hey everyone, does anyone know how to get some good burnouts on '14 Ram 1500 with a 5.7 ? It doesn't matter whether the traction control button is on or off, the damn thing just won't do a half decent burnout!! Hey, this truck is supposed to produce 395 hp / 410 torque... I wanna be able to smoke the tires if wanna. Right?

Does anyone have a way to truly disable TC?

thanks for your input
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I'm so thankful we taught our son to take care of what U have worked Hard for!

Buy a cheap go-cart and pour some bleach on the tarmac and Have fun all day! Gas is cheaper as well as the tires!
Paul: On a serious Note! I have never pushed the pedal all the way to the floor on my NEW 2014. I have never done a burnout in my NEW 2014! I think the last time I did that I was 22 in my 82 Cross-Fire Injected Z28 and Blew Out a Tire! I was showing off!

Ya a Real F#@$%*& Retard I was!! Girl Friend was not impressed!

Anyway! I can honestly say! Coming home from work I stop at the same stop sign every time. At this stop sign it has brand new smooth Black Tarmac. This summer it has been really hot and that Tarmac is really sticky! I don't even try and I can break both rear tires loose. I can only imagine what I could do if I really tried. Now on really rough concrete I'm sure it would be more difficult. But I never will find that out!

I will say-->Once a week I travel a Very Long Smooth Road {24 Miles} that receives very little traffic that I open the NEW 5.7L up holding 85-90mph for 12 to 18 miles. I have no idea if our trucks are governed at a certain mph.

Try different surfaces!
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