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Hello Friends and Experts!

I have a 2004 Ram 2500 5.9 diesel. The right hand trailer stop/turn is not working on the trailer pigtail.

Here is what I have checked:
1.) The fuses are all fine... and its the same despite what trailer I pull.
2.) The wires to the plug pigtail itself looks good-good, clean copper and adequate dialectic.
3.) All the fuses that could be a culprit have power to the fuse w/a test light.
4.) With a volt meter on the RH blade (Green Wire) in a 7-way plug I get 1x5 volts with the flashers on. (For comparison on the good LH blade I am getting 3x9/10 on the flasher). This is measuring as off x on flasher. This is the same measurement on the wire behind the blade connector.

What is my next step? I can chase the broken wire, with a lot of headache, but is it worth it since I am getting some low voltage coming out of the connector?

Anyone have any idea if this is the relay..... and if so if I can bypass it? I believe Dodge is going to want me to replace the whole fuse panel box (TIPM?) to get to the relay soldered in as one piece. They are quoting me for 680 for this part; the traffic ticket is only 75 probably!

Thanks so much for all your help here!
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