Trailer Light problem

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Just bought a boat to pull with my 02 Ram. My truck already has a 7 plug on the bumper and a 4 pin flat plug underneath my truck. The trailer only has a 4 pin flat plug so I bought an adapter to fit my truck. The 4 pin on the trailer plugs into the adapter and I plug that into my truck. The adapter has 4 red indicator lights so you can see the connection is made. Only 1 red light is lit and I have no lights on trailer. I checked all the fuses I can except the clear square fuses (1-15 on the fuse box lid) and the big light blue fuses(73 on the lid) cause I don't know how to check those. When I use a tester on my truck connections, only one pin lights up the circuit tester. Bought the truck used and 7 pin was already on the truck. Did previous owner wire it wrong ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Are you testing from the 7 way connector or on the trailer side of the 4 way adaptor? Start with the 7 way, sometimes the 4 way adaptors go bad. Always try connecting to the ground pin and the ground to somewhere on the frame. Which pin in the 4 way is lighting up (which light function is working)? Is there any obvious corrosion in the 7 way?
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