TRANS service question

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Hi gang,

Just dropped the transmission pan on my recent purchase (1989 Power Ram 318c.i., 5.2L)....I honestly believe the fluid has never been changed !!...Amber colored fluid and the old paper cork gasket (stuck to pan like glue).

Anyway, the manual says if you let the truck sit for several days, more fluid drains out over time. I guess this is due to the converter seeping.

I have no way of blowing out lines for more fluid drain...ANY SUGGESTIONS on how to remove as much old fluid as possible??...ANY OTHER PROCEDURES I need to perform that will help (limited tools and no garage access)....Does anybody out there like LUCAS TRANS FIX additive?? (I heard it's a good additive for improved trans performance)

Thanks a bunch!!



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Letting it drain for several days if you can do without your truck is not a bad idea. Another thing you can do is to fill it up with cheap tranny fluid (but with the correct specs) and drive it a few miles or so, then drain and refill with a quality tranny fluid. Or if you do not mind spending the extra $ after your initial drain of the old fluid, refill with a quality tranny fluid of your choice from the get go, then repeat.
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