Transfer case shift issues...

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With the recent snowfall we've had here in PA, I've had the opportunity to use 4WD a couple times and noticed what I think is an issue.

When I turn the dial on the dash from 2WD to 4WD while in motion, the light on the instrument panel blinks "4WD" and the front wheels do not engage. If I come to a complete stop, the dash light goes solid, 4WD is engaged and everything seems OK. Is this the way the system is supposed to work? The manual claims that it can be shifted in motion.

Any thoughts?

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I'd have it checked, that's not normal... you should be able to shift into or out of 4wd on the fly.
What speed are you going? I think you must be below 50 or 55 to have it work. 4WD Low you must be stopped and shift to neutral.
Thats what i was thinking...4hi can def. be engaged on the fly. 4lo, as previously stated can be engaged while moving no MORE than about 5 mph and in neutral. The only time my 4wd light flashes is when i accidently switched to 4lo while i was in drive.
Thanks for the responses...

Unfortunately I can't afford a dealer, so I'm on my own diagnosing and repairing.

All shifts were attempted at between 30-40 MPH, so speed should not be an issue.

I noticed the owners manual says that a shift will not be attempted if the wheels are spinning. I know I have a bad front left speed sensor because of some cruise control issues I'm having. I wonder if the PCM won't let it shift because it thinks the front and rear wheel speeds don't match. Would explain why it goes in once stopped.

I think you have found your problem on your own. I you can still get 4WD Hi by stopping you should be good to go until you can scrape up the funds to get your truck fixed. Good luck.. hopefully the winter will stay this mild thru the rest of the year.
New hub w/sensor is sitting in the garage waiting. I was saving it for spring as I don't use cruise very often. Guess I'll need to do it sooner.

I hope the winter doesn't stay mild! I was out of a truck and stuck in a FWD car for the last three winters. Now that I've got a truck back, I want record snowfalls!! :D
BTW you may end up at the dealer anyway if your computer needs ref-flashed after you change the sensor. I had to go when the tire shop broke one of my TPMS during a tire change. Cost me $60..0 which I made the tire shop (SEARS) pay for.
Thanks for the heads up.
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