Transmission is finally going out! What to do now?

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I have a 98 Ram 2500 5.9 Gas. As far as I know it has a 46re automatic transmission. Since it is going out I definitely don't want another automatic 😂 this one was bad enough with 2 or 3 gov pressure sensors going out in less than a year.

Now my question is what do I need to get to convert to a manual transmission and does the manual transmission have to come out of another gas? And is it worth switching to a manual??
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Unless that truck is in unusually good condition or you have a special emotional attachment, I'd say the time, effort and cost would not be worth it. The simplest and least costly "fix" would be to get another 46re transmission from a salvage yard. If switching to a manual transmission is a "must", a better solution would be to just get a similar vintage truck that came with the manual transmission. An experienced and innovative mechanic with the time, tools and technology might accept the challenge and make it work. Since you're asking some pretty basic questions, I'm guessing you're not that guy! I could be wrong but as Dirty Harry once said "A man has got to know his limitations!"
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