transmission kickdown TV cable clip broke

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While taking the throttle body off a 1998 dodge ram with the 5.9 engine. I broke the plastic clip off that attaches it to the throttle body. I know they probably don't sell a replacement clip and i will probbaly have to buy a whole new cable. I am having trouble finding one online does anyone know where to get one? Preferably cheap... I haven't tried the local junkyards yet i might end up having to go that rout but i want to see what the cost of a new cable is.
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Holy [email protected]! Am I the cheapest basterd here or what? Screw this, its just a clip! It's a $.50 part. Go on Craigslist and find a Ram of the right gen in "auto parts". Tell the guy what you need and give him $5 for his trouble. That part usually goes to the junk-yard with the rest of the truck. While you're there, you may find other stuff you need. The $5 for the clip will make him happier to give you a deal on the other small stuff you may want.
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