Transmission Leak

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After dropping the transmission and doing a seal kit, (OEM) from the dealer it's still leaking at the engine. Any ideas why? It only leaks when I drive and the faster I go the more it seems to leak, to the point of smoking at about 70 mph if I keep it at 60 mph no smoke.
Was reading many threads and seen something mentioned about a pressure sensor and solenoid? Could this cause more pressure at the TQ seal and make it leak?
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Only time I've seen one fog the traffic was when my Dakota's OD routinely burned up. The insane heat generated by a failing OD above a certain speed would cause the fluid going to stream out any available opening and it'd look like the local mosquito sprayer out on a run. Quite a scene while blasting down I-10. Did you try driving with OD locked out to see if it still fogged the road? Naturally, if it's a crack in the converter, it'll fog all the time, but it would seem to me that if that were the case, it'd fog at the same engine speed regardless of what gear you were in. No replacement for actually seeing it. Anyway, good luck on the rebuild. Just take your time and watch out when releasing the OD spring....Lotta punch in that thing.
I wouldn't think so. I think what ramvan is suggesting should be your primary suspect. It's weird sometimes how these things turn out. It's too bad you have to dig into it to see. What I was thinking, as it relates to my past issue was the super-hot fluid was being forced past the main seal. And it came out behind the engine.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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