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Hi everyone I'm new to the forum.....just here trying to get some help!!!

Well I have a 2014 Ram 1500 QC 4x2 w/5.7L & 6 Speed Trans, absolutely love my truck...but it's giving me hell.

At around 11k miles I had my first transmission failure, the occasional stuck in 4th gear.....high rpms at low speeds etc, stopped by autozone & it was showing codes P0734/35. Notified dealer & took it to them. They fixed it (internals only) & in all honesty I just wanted them to put a new one in.

Around 16.5k miles I installed DIY CAI, Diablo Sport Intune (93 Tune), JBA Longtubes, Stainless Work High Flow Cats & H-Pipe all 2.5in pipe to the back. Took it to the track once, wasn't that impressed & I'm sure my irractic heartbeat had alot to do with that lol. Shortly after at 18k miles, check engine light came on same codes P0734/35. Notified dealer dropped it off & then the nightmare started. The shop foreman contacted Chrysler corp & told them that the truck had tons of mods & appeared to be abused....also mentioning that the race numbers although washed off was still somewhat visible. Well they had my truck for almost 3 weeks & then told me they would fix it, but a restriction would be placed on my engine & trans. Although I was highly upset, I took it for what it was....(chrysler been cheap).

I'm now at 24k miles, with yet another transmission failure same codes P0734/ of today truck is stuck in 4th gear & does the occasional high revs while trying to maintain one set speed. Chrsyler is refusing to fix it & so I contacted NCDS, just waiting to hear their decision.

Has anyone had these consistent P0734/35 codes? Also I have an option of getting a 66RFE Trans & PCM from Ram 2500 w/5.7L, will it be a hard job to do the swap??
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