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Hey RamNation,

I have a very small leak coming from my transmission pan gasket. I'm getting ready to go out and buy the gasket and transmission fluid. My question is, what type of fluid should i use and HOW MUCH? AutoZone recommends ATF +4 Valvoline Full Synthetic. Is that a good fluid to use? Should i add any additives while I'm changing it? Does it matter that my engine oil is not Full Synthetic? As much information about the job will be much appreciated!

Also, does the transmission filter just pull out and the new one pop in?

I believe i have the 46RE transmission.

Thanks RamNation, you're the best!

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ive never changed one on a ram before, but i have on a chevy. Its a reall simple process.

*)Check to see if the pan has a drain bolt. If it does, youre in luck. Drain the fluid out. If it doesnt, youll have to unbolt the pan with the fluid still in, so there will be a mess. You can also loosen all the bolts and then carefully let the fluid drain from one side, to avoid an even bigger mess. Check to see if there are any metal shavings inside the pan.

*)Carefully remove the transmission filter, it might be a little difficult to get out. Be careful, cus there is still fluid in the filter and it might splash.

*)put new filter in place.

*)Apply gasket or gasket maker/silicone (not sure which one it uses) on the edge of the transmission pan.

*) bolt the transmission pan in. Try to do a star pattern when tightening them. So it doesnt leak in the future.

*)refill transmission fluid and keep an eye out for any leaks.

And i wouldnt add any type of additive. Ive never been a fan of them.

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On a 2nd gen ram, there won't be a drain plug unless someone added one or you have an aftermarket pan.
Your filter is held on by either 3 phillips head or star head screws.

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER use gasket sealer on a tranny pan gasket, espacially a rubber one, unless you want to redo the job. At the most, use a few drops of super glue to hold the gasket in place. Tranny fluid will cause composite cork gaskets to swell and help them seal. I have never used sealer.
Make sure the pan sealing rail isn't distorted around the bolts and carefully striaghten with the appropriate tools on a flat surface if they are.
Torque specs for the pan mounting bolts according to my haynes manual are 150 INCH/lbs...or just a bit over hand tight. You don't want to distort or tear the gasket because it will leak.

ATF+4 is the only thing you should fill your tranny with. I prefer Mopar brand but it is pricey.

Your '96 should have the 46RH transmission. I can't remember what year Dodge crossed over to the RE but the filter and pan gasket are the same.
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