Transmission Range Solenoid - replaced, but problem not solved?

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So a few years ago I was having issues with the shift indicator on the dash registering park and neutral. I ended up replacing the Transmission range solenoid and everything was great. Well, I don't really drive the truck much and now about 3000 miles later (2 years) I am having the same issue. I ordered a new one and replaced it, but now it still won't go into park or neutral. I haven't put the pan back on or fluid back in, but I doubt that is the reason. I am pretty sure there isn't a separate neutral safety switch so I am not sure what else to check. The old TRS had one of the "pins" stuck so I assume that is the issue. I am going to take the valve body out now and just be sure everything is lined up.

2004 Ram 1500 2WD with Hemi. I am pretty sure it is the 545rfe - correct?

I basically only use this truck to get my boat to and from the marina. Have had issues with the boat and just want to get it back into the water to salvage the last month or so before it gets cold :(
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took the valve body off again and one of the pins on the new TRS was stuck. The same pin that was stuck on the old one. Called to local dealership to get a new TRS and then put that on and figured I wouldn't hook up the battery or anything until I got things back together. Well, got all that done and same darn thing. Won't register park or neutral. Has to be some other issue :(

I guess not boat this weekend :i_rolleyes:
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