Transmission shifting / shutter / hesitation

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I have a 2012 and have not yet experienced this problem. Im waiting...

I read on this forum and others that this is a common issue with the 4th gens.

Why doesnt everyone go to ... Its very important to register then lodge the complain. Select 20xx Ram 1500. I currently am subscribed to 09-12 ram 1500. We all need to post in the same place to show numbers. If we all do than there is a track record of this issue and the actual number of units effected. Do the same on ... both take only a few minutes.

I fear that I will note the same issue here as I did back when I owned the 4.7 2003 qc. There was a intermittent stalling issue with those trucks. Many complaints ... but people seemed very complacent when it came to joining together. In fact, I believe I volunteered to gather names and addresses ... but had little feedback.