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hi gang, I have a 13' 2500 diesel, 68re... About 25k miles
It shifts (clunky) or locks/unlocks after letting off the throttle once it has reached 35-45 mph. Sounds like its gonna come undone somewhere in the drive train. Additionally, when cruising at any speed and let off throttle to coast, the tranny whines, whine stops when throttle is reapplied, and begins again when throttle is released.. The whine is reminiscent of an old jeep i had, where you could here the throwout bearing whine when in neutral and let the clutch out, then disappear when you push clutch in..

I sure hope somebody can identify with my issues and point me in the right direction.

I have had the truck to 2 different dealerships, one of which is where the truck gets all of its maintenance done on a schedule according to RAM.

Dealer has flashed the ECM to trigger the relearn, a couple of times..
Dealer is adequately installing updates as soon as they are released for me..
Dealer has adjusted backlash in rear differential to ensure its within spec...
Dealer was told to tell me that no fix was available, but that new Rams on the lot shifted the same way, HOWEVER, Service Manager assured me that he could not in good faith tell me something that was untrue. Said he would not lie for RAM, but essentially, they had no solution at this time for the issue.

help, please!
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