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Ok here is the dilemma.
First run or really any run for the day, starts right up, idles, runs and drives great to wherever Im going.
Once I get to point "B" and shut it off, run in the store and come back out, it fires right up, idles fine BUT when I go to take off ( when I give it gas ) it doesn't matter if I put it to the floor or barely pressing the pedal, it just doesn't want to go? It will do this pulling away for about 50 feet then seems like everything kicks in and it will run like a bat out of hell after that ( everythings fine after that.... get back home or wherever and it sits awhile, its fine again until I go somewhere then it repeats.

Today I changed the spark plugs, cleaned the coil packs, cleaned the throttle body ( as I suspected the plugs were probly shot and they were, so now I seem to be getting better power but still have that little glitch going on? I checked the fuel pressure and Im getting the correct pressure ( book says 56-60psi running and Im getting a reading 58-60psi running ) so now I am thinking the TPS is the culprit of this issue, any ideas of what to check that I might be missing other than the TPS as I hope replacing that will solve this minor issue. Otherwise the truck runs great. NOTE: Its not throwing any codes.
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