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Does anyone know the part number or item number for the Diablo tuner. I'm wanting the hotrod performance tune. I've read the descriptions on ebay til I'm damn near cross eyed. Any info on where to buy one for the best price would be greatly appreciated as well.
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There is no way to tune the 2011-12 as of now. The computer system is encrypted. The only way to tune your truck would be swap a 2010 ecu into your truck. I've seen the swap done on a 2011. I'm not sure it would work on the 2012 due to the 6-Speed transmission. Mopar/Dodge is really disappointing me with this tuning issue. When I contact Mopar, I hear "we're working on it." I know they're stalling because there is no "working on it." Just hand over the codes to the aftermarket companies. It's that simple. That's my humble opinion.
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