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Item 1 - just bought a Garmin Nuvi as my '11 came with the 430 radio - sans nav. BUT - I don't want to stick it in the window - suction cups suck - except when they're supposed to. Nor do I want to just stick it to the dash. I'm thinking it would be cool to hard wire/mount it somehow in that little narrow pocket directly above the radio screen - but have no idea how. Maybe some kind of foam piece that could fill the area and the nuvi could sit down into it? Ideas anyone???

Item 2 - need to install a business band two-way radio - similar to CB. It's small, 4.5"W x 6.5"L x 1.5"D --- but I really want to keep the dash, etc looking clean. Thought of vertically on side of the console but the sides are not flat so no luck. Again - any creative ideas????

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