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I just purchased a 2014 Ram 2500 with Uconnect 8.4a. I went through the registration process and downloaded the Uconnect app to my smartphone. Everything worked great until I set my wife's phone up with Uconnect Access.

What is the correct procedure to add my wife as a user to the Uconnect Access system? I installed the app to on her phone, let her use my login and my pin, and it works fine on her phone, but now, Via Mobile isn't working correctly on my phone. The app requires me to logout, and log back in. The app never required me to logout and log back in until I set my wife up.

My thoughts are that you can't have one account (my login and pin) on two phones. My wife should have her own login and pin; however, I called Uconnect assistance and I was told she cannot have her own login and pin and that she needed to use mine.

Help? Anyone else done this? Any tips?

Thanks so much in advance.
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