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I have searched the forum but have not found a specific answer to my question. I have a 2011 RAM with an upgraded radio and dealer UConnect. My IPhone 5 works well except for one feature. On my other vehicle, and vehicles I have rented, Google Maps turn by turn navigation will interrupt the current audio and make it's announcement than return to whatever is playing. My other vehicle will also mute the audio when using Siri. When I try to speak to the phone in my truck, the phone and vehicle mics are muted and nothing registers.

The radio I bought came from a 2013 Ram Van. Software levels noted below:
Application 44.00.01
Sirius 1A00.1E.14
Audio CPU 100412
Gracenote 10F5

Not sure how to check the UConnect S/W level. I did purchase the USB cable for future updates.

Is there a way to let the IPhone interrupt the audio? Or is the feature not part of this generation UConnect?

The vehicle has been flashed to add the correct sales codes.

Thanks in advance.
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