Uconnect and optional WiFi enabled radio question

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I was browsing around the Ram web site when I came across this:

Uconnect™ with available WiFi by Mopar, enables all your passengers to be simultaneously connected to the Web. Any WiFi-enabled device – such as a laptop or other portable wifi enabled multimedia – can connect over your private mobile network. And no cell cards or software is required.

It says its a dealer installed Mopar accessory. Has anyone had this installed and if so how does it actually work and how much did it cost to have it installed?
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Major $$ product
If you go over the minimum, you pay extra

I have it, it works great, i keep usage to minimum
you should compare prices between just buying a net card for each computer or installing a WiFi hot spot in your vehicle

I work with truckers & they connect to my system, using my password

it is called

So many places are letting you connect free, Starbucks, some McDonolds, so many shopping centers & several Motels, even you Dodge dealer, all have free WiFi

maybe I'm not understanding the issue properly.....but I just cotnracted with Verizon to add the application "HOTSPOT" to my sytem and it allows up to four devices to be connected to the internet via my cellphone. I use this in my RV that 's parked at an RV center on the river and it works just fine. The only problem is that you have to install some security or anyone can use your access point.
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