UConnect Issue with Samsung But Not Iphone Navigation apps

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2013 Ram 1500 with 8.4 navigation system. I use two devices: Samsung S22 Ultra and Iphone 13 ProMax. I have tried both bluetooth and hard wire to audio. Iphone works perfect using Apple Maps. The Samsung S22 Ultra cuts out terrible using Google Maps, Waze, Here Maps. When the phone navigation says "Turn left in 300 feet turn right", the Samsung will say " 300 feet turn r". I've unpaired, paired, cleared cache, cleared data in both device and Uconnect, reset Uconnect.
Only thing I can think of is the Iphone has Bluetooth 5.0, and Samsung has Bluetooth 5.2. But I have no idea what the difference is.
Any suggestions how to get the Samsung to talk back without cutting out?