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Hello all, I am new to the forum and grateful for your help. I am looking to install LED lighting but using the dinner switch to tap into. I have seen posts to tap into the 12v cig outlet, but none on the dimmer switch.

Anyone tried that? Tips to route or things to avoid?

Thank you.
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Are you trying to get a constant hot or with the headlights on hot
Just want on with the head lights, but I would like to have be dimmable like the dash lights.

Sorry for my slow reply. Thank you for the feedback.
hmm interesting
Tap into the wire that illuminates headlight switch, it is dimmable. I will be doing this mod once it gets little warmer.
Thanks I will give that a try.
So I finally got it done and the advice paid off. Thank you. Looks great and dims with the dash lights. perfect.
Thank you
Post some pics and which wire did you tap into.
Pics and how

Here are the pics. I used the wires coming off the headlight selector switch. I used the org/gry and the blk/tan (Pic of wire diagram below)

This did allowed me to dim them with the dash lights, though these are fairly bright so the effect is not as much as I hoped.

I was not sure where to mount the lights so I punted expecting to have to tweak them later. I got the lights from Autozone for like 12 bucks. I mounted 1 strip on the panel that is under the steering column. Funny it also shines blue light up through the cover around the steering wheel (Not sure I like that.) The other strip I mounted under the glove box. There is a bar that supports the box and is well suited for that. I fished the wires under the center panel and tied them to the first string.

Please do not judge the wire management, it is temp till I decide the placement is right. I am not that happy with the driver side placement so if anyone has a better location please fill me in.

My first attempt at this type of work so I am sure there are better ways to do this.

Thanks for the help and support. :smiley_thumbs_up:


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i'm planning to try installed a Synvania LED light strip set intended for the home. powered by 120v through a transformer that steps to 12v, then a control module that serves as the brains to dim, change colors, and recives signals from an included infared ramote control. want to figure out how to tap into the dash 120v outlet, and suppy 120v elsewhere in the truck, like under the dash, and/or in the council. thoughts anyone on how to tap into the high voltage line?
Fantastic Job
Oilbelcher. If I am ready your post correctly you are looking for 120v AC. Unfortunately that is household/commercial Voltage. Most cars and the Dodge truck runs on 12v DC. You would need a converter to boost that up to 120 then modulate it to AC.

You can remove the transformer on your lights and the lights will work without the transformer on the 12v circuit. I have not seen those lights, but you might be able to separate the controller from the step down transformer.

The other option is to look for a 12v LED system with the same options. They are available, I just chose not to use them.

I hope this helps. Let me know.
Bringing back this topic to ask if there is a closer wire I can tap than that one? more close to the center of the dash (radio area) that will do the same thing. I want to put a cupholder light in and I want it to be dimable and only on with the lights.
Let me look tonight I will get back to you. I think you could tap into the wires running to the radio and such.
Hmmm i interesting :))
good job
I want to do that but I am Mechanically of unsound mind
a jmechanical jackass
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